MyBuild Introduction


We've come up with some key words that are associated with MyBuild. 



These MF5's are built with MyBuild frame and covered with compatible building parts as prototypes in this video. Hope you like it and enjoy watching. Video directed by Jordan Tseng.


MOC Builds The Hulkbuster Beats Ultron


Awesome video by Jordan Tseng. Build your fav action character with MyBuild Frame - using 15 pcs of MyBuild Core Bricks.


The Desert Soldier


It's maybe the most action packed armors built with bricks you have ever seen. MyBuild core bricks could help you build such action robot and coat with your existing bricks. We are very pleased to present this video to you. Video directed by Jordan Tseng.




Premium design construction set.18 points of articulation mech skeleton. Video presented by Hero Design Studio. Video directed by Counter656. Enjoy watching the video!




This video is to show you how MyBuild core bricks are used as a skeleton of robot and covered with major building bricks. Designed by Hero Design Studio. Art Director Hero Xi-Wei Lee.



mecha frame 5

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