Experience the cool mech building kits from MyBuild MECHA FRAME collection, the innovative joints system with wonderful articulation brings you the new possibilities!

Core Bricks & Mecha Frame 

Ingenuity of the Build Design 

Various Creations and More Possibilities

MECHA FRAME™ collection provides cool and fun builds for anyone who loves mech, robot and building bricks. Quality building kits feature a base structure called Frame which allows a mech to move with good stances after building. A cockpit piece is specially designed for a mini operator sitting in the mech. Clear and step by step building instructions easy to follow. All elements are 100% compatible with building bricks. Creating mechs has never been so easy and fun.


The mech designs were inspired by a remarkable Japanese sci-fi military light novel. These two mechs are dedicated for the soldiers Keiji and Rita. 

KEIJI  5005

RANGER  5010

RITA  5006


TITAN  6012


In the polar regions, a special operations force with training skills tasked with 3 primary missions direct action, target acquisition, and fire support matters. They are best known for their unconventional techniques and peace operations.

Puma-A2                     Direct Action Mech 5007

Puma-A5           Sniper Mech 5008

Puma-A3                         Fire Support Mech 5009


This series is with the same name as MECHA FRAME collection. The initial name was called MECHA FRAME 5. Riot Police and Engineer T2 are the new generations in the series right now. These mechs are modern types and each one is created for different purpose and mission. 

Base Defender  MF05-A01

Riot Police  5013

Green Trooper  MF05-G01

Engineer T2  5014

Frame Pack MF5
  • Excellent for your own mech creations

  • Articulated frame easy to build


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