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Updated: Dec 22, 2018

The innovation of MyBuild system will present the endless possibilities for mecha creations. It’s a great collaboration again in September between MyBuild team, also known as Hero Design Studio, and the popular Stop Motion Artist, Jordan Tseng, who has millions viewers on YouTube.

Every MyBuild mecha is built with the unique and buildable frame, the builds are designed to have a sturdy structure and have the good articulation. A leading brand in Mecha kits of building blocks features in the characters of military novel and sci-fi theme. The idea “Mech Possible” then has come out and the team decided to use the slogan for MyBuild mecha. The new release of this epic video MECHA FRAME TITAN ATTACK premiered in early December on YouTube and has also been shared by many on social media. MyBuild mecha is packed with excellent mobility and shows its impressive movement in the stop motion.

Here’s the original video on the channel of Hero Design Studio who is MyBuild team and serves as product developer and social media promoter.

"mech possible" for MyBuild slogan

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